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Mineral Infrared Therapy

mineral infrared lamp

One of the highly effective naturopathic treatments available to us is called Mineral Infrared Therapy. This non-invasive, non-surgical machine uses a blend of the minerals found in the human body to create an infrared electromagnetic emission exactly in the spectrum of the minerals of your body. This emission penetrates six inches into the body and causes what is called a "resonance" of these minerals which are then liberated from the oxidized condition and are once again available as enzyme co-factors. You may or may not understand that, but the bottom line is that this treatment is effective for all conditions which involve enzyme dysfunction, in other words almost all conditions. The term used for MITs effect is "normalization of tissue."

Benefits of Mineral Infrared Therapy

  • Promptly relax every patient and prepares him/her for an effective massage 
  • Greatly reduce any pain in any area treated with MIT 
  • Alleviate all types of muscle spasms and tension 
  • Enhance the immune system and rejuvenate the body 
  • Reduce problem symptoms from degenerative disease processes that may interfere with effective massage therapy
  • Improve arthritis and accelerate bone healing
  • Restore circulation and normalize blood pressure
  • Help with respiratory and digestive disorders
  • Assists in all types of nervous disorders 


Ever since the developer of this incredible machine began promoting the Mineral Infrared Device years ago, it quickly became a popular item on the medical equipment market, and is now being used by thousands of doctors (including MDs, orthopedic doctors, chiropractors, dentists, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and acupuncturists) throughout the United States and tens of thousands of patients.   The main functions of Mineral Infrared therapy are promoting metabolism, regulating physiological deficiencies, enhancing immunity, improving microcirculation, and diminishing inflammation.  It has a remarkable success rate in relieving the pain associated with disorders and discomforts such as soft tissue injuries, arthritis, bone fractures, post-operative incisions, burns, hematoma, chronic infection, skin and nervous disorders, etc.

More and more people are getting acquainted with the multi-function applications of the Mineral Infrared Device since its FDA registration in 1988, and impressed with the results it produces.

History of Mineral Infrared Therapy

The mineral infrared frequency device with portioned electromagnetic spectrum is an entirely new concept in medical technology.   In essence, the device functions to promote metabolism, regulate physiological deficiencies, diminish and heal inflammations, and relieve pains.   And, with the widespread use of mineral infrared therapy, new applications for its healing properties are continually being discovered.

Early in 1970, an odd and interesting phenomenon was noted at a century-old ceramic factory in a rural area of central China.   This factory offered extremely poor working conditions, and the building was in need of major repairs.   The workers at the factory stood in the mud throughout much of their work day and the manager of production quickly recognized these abject working conditions, becoming concerned that the workers would be troubled with arthritis and other related ailments due to standing on the sodden floor for long periods of time.

However, the ensuing investigation disclosed that the side effects of standing in the mud were the opposite of original concerns.   They found that there was not a single case of arthritis among the workers employed at the ceramic factory.   After interviewing elderly factory employers, the same findings were indicated:   no residual effects of any kind were found among the people who had been employed at the factory; in fact, workers not only were healthy, but also were noted to lead significantly longer lives than the norm.   It was also learned that there had been no known cases of cancer among the factory’s past or present employees.   These findings also showed that the ceramic factory workers sustained relatively longer life spans than those experienced by the average population living in the area.

Intrigued with this discovery, experiments were conducted to probe further into the reasoning for this strange phenomenon.   Using a spectrometer, scientists made a complete walk-through of the factory building.   At the kiln area their meters picked up a strong, unique spectrum with a wavelength range of 2 to 25 micrometers which is a narrowed band of infrared spectrum.   Closer inspection monitored the spectrum to a black deposit fused to the oven’s conveyor belt.   After being studied, it was learned that the kiln produced temperatures in excel of 400 C, had fired the black clay deposit that was emitting the unusual spectrum.   The frequency of the heat treated clay was measured and analyzed to contain 33 different trace elements such as Fe, Se, Mn Zn, Co, Ni, Cu, Cr, K, etc.   in 43 various chemical binding forms.

Experimentation and testing of these peculiar mineral infrared frequencies began immediately.   By 1979, 36 universities, 45 graduate schools, 41 research institutes, 250 hospitals and three thousand medical doctors and researchers formulated an international society for the purpose of performing clinical studies related to the effects of mineral infrared therapy.

It was at this time that Dr. Chi became deeply involved in the prospects of utilizing mineral infrared frequencies for general therapeutic effects.   He saw the wealth of potential that this type of treatment could offer people all over the world, and was determined to spread the use of this amazing new form of therapy.   By the end of 1985, mineral infrared therapy had been successfully used to treat over 30 different types of human and animal diseases and disorders, and some 30 million people had received medical treatment with the device.  Undisputed evidence showed that utilization of mineral frequency was conducive to normalizing cell-growth, multiplication and restoration, along with promotion of specific types of enzyme activity and immunity levels.  This was the beginning of mineral frequency therapy.

The device was awarded the gold medal at the 1986 Zagreb International Fair in Yugoslavia.  That same year, it won the Silver Medal at the 35th Brussels Eureka World Fair for Inventions.   Since then, it has been in regular use by many national athletic troops, including ballet, soccer, martial arts, and the famous China Women’s Volleyball Olympic Team members, champions of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.   It is also used by such well-known American icons as tennis star Michavel Change and actor Dennis Weaver.

In 1988, the device was registered by the FDA for use in the United States.   Since then, thousands of American doctors have treated millions of patients with this incredible device, and Dr. Chi has collated much feedback and research regarding its effects on patients here in the United States. Dr. Chi has concluded that the mineral infrared device is better than any existing devices on the market for its safe, multi-function features, which are even able to treat the face and the C1, C2, and C3 points on the vertebrae.   Dr. Walter Gutowski of Scottsdale, Arizona, purchased the device 2 years ago and found excellent results.   He thinks it is so wonderful that ever since then, he now only uses this device in all his chiropractic offices and does not use any other equipment for the treatment of his patients.

Mineral infrared therapy has made a medical breakthrough in reaching beneficial and positive results in clinical practice, health care, agricultural production and animal husbandry.   Comparative studies and experiments have demonstrated that the device can be biologically more effective than any infrared propagator, for these reasons:   mineral infrared therapy penetrates much deeper, is safer, and has multiple functions including uses in sensitive areas.   It has an aggressively positive and healing effect on living organisms.

The significant difference between the mineral infrared device and the conventional infrared device and microwave therapeutic appliances is the mineral infrared device’s round plate that is coated with a proprietary mineral formulation consisting of 33 trace elements essential to living organisms and the human body.

How does this help you?

When this mineral plate is activated by the device’s built-in electric heating element, the coated plate emits a special band of electromagnetic waves ranging from 2 to 25 micrometers in wavelength and 28 to 34 mw/cm   in intensity. This emission coincides with the wavelengths and intensity of the electromagnetic waves released by the human body, and absorbed by the human body through a process called “selective absorption.” This absorbed electromagnetic energy has been found to yield therapeutic effects on the human body by:

   1.        Assisting to generate various beneficial biochemical stimuli that the body may lack due to illness or injury;

   2.       Accelerating general circulation and micro-circulation to maintain a healthy rate of  cellular activity and metabolic activity and speed the process of decomposition of unstable structures, such as dead cells.

   3.    Enhancing the body’s immunity levels and adjusting and balancing its hormonal  levels.

These biological functions allow the mineral infrared device to give users effects such as:

  •  the relief of muscular aches and pains caused by arthritis and soft tissue injuries 
  •   the alleviation of inflammation and edema from soft tissue injuries 
  •  the assistance in the healing of skin disorders
  •  the balancing of the nervous system 
  • the promotion of healing effects on internal organs 
  • the treatment of bone fractures

These are but a few of the wonderful results mineral infrared frequency use can produce.

In brief, the mineral frequency device creates electromagnetic waves within a certain range of the spectrum by translating the energy of the heating element to produce the electromagnetic waves.The waves enter the body as mineral infrared waves and increase organ functions. The thirty-three different trace elements in mineral coated plate are related to the elements found in the human body. As long as one element ratio in the body changes, the body will benefit from it.

When mineral infrared therapy was first introduced to the public, it was mistakenly thought to be an infrared lamp. And, although the frequency of the device is within the frequency spectrum of an infrared lamp, the results produced by mineral infrared frequencies are completely different than that of an infrared lamp, or any other therapeutic device, due to the fact that mineral infrared therapy involves a lower and more specific output energy producing better therapeutic effects. The traditional infrared device gave off a wide range of wavelengths, (from 760 nm-400,000 nm) so broad that it even gave off red light from the visible light spectrum. (For a closer look at the different types of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, see chart onp.9.)

Although infrared therapy is safe and effective to a degree, it has been on the market for almost forty years and is no longer considered innovative, whereas the specific frequencies of mineral infrared therapy are not only very powerful, but they are safe as well. Because the device is only 250 watts, the output energy is only 5% of that which is emitted from a normal television set, proving its safety and harmlessness.

Mineral infrared therapy has been proven to afford a wide range of applications, including immediate therapeutic improvement while imparting no pain whatsoever to the ailing patient during the course of treatment. Clinical reports from hospitals have clearly illustrated and confirmed that mineral infrared therapy’s curative effects have yielded a very high percentage success rate.


The minerals on the disc of the mineral infrared therapy device, when heated, emit the designated radiant frequencies which fall upon areas of our body to be treated. The emitted frequencies, having been given off by the minerals on the black plate attached to the head of the device, in turn excite the minerals of our bodies on a molecular level, causing similar oscillations in our own elemental components.  Thus we have essentially taken in these frequencies, absorbed them and allowed them to supplement our own natural (or unnaturally altered) trace-element frequencies.  Gradually, through continued treatment using the mineral infrared device, the constant and consistent frequencies given off by the natural elements on the disc will cause our own deficient  trace element frequencies to resonate as their natural amplitudes and conditions, adjusting our physical and biochemical pathways in the meantime.  This type of balancing method has proven very useful is helping the treatment of many ailments, both common and rare.

The 1994 American census shows that over 52,000 people in the United States are over the age of 100, and some experts correlate that fact with the windows of energy that most people are not able to receive.  It is noted that the majority of those who live to be over 100 years reside in areas that are higher than normal in elevation.  Strangely enough, this is in direct agreement with the theory behind the absorption of the sun's life-enhancing energives.  Clean air, the higher in elevation you are, the less beneficial energy is blocked off by atmospheric absorption, and the healthier you will be.  (Of course, at certain high elevations the air becomes so thin that it is simply  impossible to live healthily there.)

The Bama Country of Guangxi province in China reported an amazing peculiarity among its population in 1994.  Within the county, four of every 10,000 people alive were over 100 years of age (As compared to 1.7 persons per 10,000 in the U.S. to live past age of 100).  Their living conditions were carefully observed and recorded: they resided in semi tropic climates in elevations of 3000-4000 ft. above sea level, where the average temperature was 20.4C.  There was precipitation 131-194 days (clean air) each year, and their diets consisted of high amounts of manganese, from 2-20 times what was considered normal in the U.S. diet.  Certainly many factors influenced the life spans of these residents, but it can be surmised that the sun's emissions and lessened atmospheric absorption plays a major role in their Longevity.

The human life span should be up to 120 years, yet most of us are very aged at only 60-some years.  In fact, by the time we are middle-aged, our bodies are already on the path of serious decline.  Our brains shrink in size, our reactions and senses are less acute, we have less energy, our bones become porous and brittle.  Our hearts start to weaken, giving rise to problems such as atherosclerosis and angina, our kidney and digestive functions deteriorate, and our sympathetic nervous functions become dull.  The reason is that any of the sixty elements in our body are out of balance, they do not return to normal easily as we get older, because these trace elements should be in their ionized forms but are not, and thus the frequency we receive from the sun cannot have resonant effects on them.  Instead, the minerals in the food that we eat as well as the mineral supplements we consume are usually in their metallic forms, and hence enzymes are unable to use them as cofactors in the biochemical pathway for normal metabolic growth.

The mineral infrared frequencies have the capacity to help our biochemical pathways by ionizing the minerals that we take into our systems that are necessary for our well-being.  The minerals that we consume in metallic forms are not in their useful forms until they are ionized and brought into the metabolic pathway.  This process uses specific energives from external sources, energives that are not always readily available because of the sun's spectrum due to the described atmospheric absorption.  Use of the mineral infrared device can supply the energy that is needed to ionize these minerals and all for healthy metabolism.  For example, metallic Iron (Fe+0) has a zero charge, it can be excited by this frequency, then ionization takes place, it becomes Ferrous (Fe+2) and Ferric (Fe+3), both are essential for Oxygen in Hemoglobin.

Of course, this in no way implies that the atmospheric absorption factor is the sole reason for the Longevity of these individuals; certainly the cleanliness of the air and environment, the healthy regulation of nutrition, good exercise patterns, etc. must also play a part in their lives.  However, there is a strong chance that the more complete spectrum of energy these people are receiving has been quite beneficial.  Mineral infrared therapy has the capacity to replace these missing pieces of the vital energy spectrum delivered to us by the sun.

Further research has concluded that people can absorb 3 to 4 micrometer wavelengths mainly due to the hydrogen-oxygen bonds and the carbon-hydrogen bonds.  Wavelengths between 5.9 to 11.0 micrometers are due to the absorbance of single and double carbon-hydrogen bonds, and single and double carbon-oxygen bonds, while wavelengths between 13 to 15 micrometers are due to amino acid bonds.  So there is a reason why we absorb different wavelengths.

What happens when the body ails?  At this time, there is an unbalanced body chemistry caused by the involuntary action of ionic exchange from external or internal means, and the body may or may not be able to set up its own reflexes to overcome the ailment.  Mineral infrared frequency supplies the energy, if any part of the energy can be absorbed and utilized to enhance the recuperative effects in the area of ailment, and the ailment can be helped.  This type of absorption on the part of the individual's body chemistry is what allows the mineral infrared device to produce such amazing and long-lasting curative effects.

Another very important strength of mineral infrared therapy is its ability to penetrate deep into the layers of the body's tissue, down to the cellular levels.  The reason this is possible is due to the resultant lowered fluid cohesion levels (less surface tension) and increased permeability after use of the device.  This amazing phenomena can be illustrated in the following experiment, conducted on plant leaves.

Tap water that had been treated with mineral infrared frequency for thirty minutes was tested by K. Imamura from Tokyo, Japan, in 1991 against regular tap water by placing a cutting of the same plant into both groups.  Three weeks later, the cutting of the plant that was in the regular tap water had long since dried up and shriveled, but the cutting that had been placed in the mineral infrared treated water was still green and leafy, showing the significant difference treatment had made.  It was later determined that the reason for the long-lasting plant in treated water was due to the fact that mineral infrared waves had the capacity to lower cohesion levels in substances, balancing the inner-outer membrane ion-levels, making cells more permeable to nutrients and thus able to function much better than without treatment.  This important knowledge is one of the major foundations for all of mineral infrared therapy's amazing capabilities.

A researcher in Oklahoma also found that the water surface tension can be reduced by mineral infrared treatment, so that the nutrient elements become more permeable, providing easier penetration.  He also discovered that wine had a more tainted, aged taste with mineral infrared rays, and that one was less likely to feel the effects of alcohol and get a hangover after drinking to excess.  Scientists have found that when processing tea, if mineral infrared therapy is used on the leaves instead of traditional oven, the results show a much better flavor in the mineral infrared frequency treated tea.

Besides the Mineral Infrared Therapy's known electromagnetic frequency effects, scientists and doctors due to extended experiments and research, have suggested that trace elements effects, enzymatic effects, acupunctural effects, and heat effects, may also contribute to the mineral device's remarkable success.

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