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Carlos Mencia. Studying to be an electrical engineer working at an insurance company, when he started doing comedy on a dare, invested at least a few minutes every single day determined to get better at it, and in less than 100 weeks began headlining around the country, starred in his own HBO half-hour comedy special. More than anything, he loves to make people crack up laughing. He did it for more than 100 consecutive weeks, and he's well on his way to being rich and famous. That's his dream. the one thing that makes him smarter than you is his willingness to just do it. One more time. One more time. Yet again, one more time. That alone will increase the quality and quantity of the cash you carry.

Interviewing more than two thousand corporate leaders, I heard more than 1500 of them, one by one,

DIRECTLY attribute their successes to their use of written goals.

Specifically, they refer to them every day. Ask John Leonis, CEO of Litton Industries what he attributes his success to, and he tells you not to let a day pass by without a written plan... and then you ask the same question of NY Stock Exchange Director Anton, or Zayle Diamond's CEO, Bob DiNicola... and they ALL answer almost identically?!! What happens after many hundreds of top leaders tell you again & again, "Lifetime goals, yearly goals, monthly and daily steps." ??? Are you catching on? I'd say, "Too much trouble, writing out goals every day... how can it possibly have a direct impact on the quality or quantity of anything in my life?" Yet, I hate to argue with the horse's mouth, for fear of ending up at the other end. I can tell you that there's a 95-1 chance against you personally being smart enough to use the raw, instant power on this page. I refuse to be in that 95%. How about you?

Human beings do not end up anywhere by accident When you go buy milk, you never get to the store by accident.

You have a very specific route in mind, just as you do when you drive a long distance to go somewhere. Whether we arrive somewhere as a result of being blown about by the winds created by OTHER PEOPLE'S DECISIONS, or whether we arrive as a result of own OWN decisions, be certain that you understand that we all end up somewhere. That'somewhere' is called a destination. Destination means the same thing as destiny. What is your destination at the end of this very year, this very month? What is your destination for life? What is your destiny? Either you arrive following your own plan, or you arrive following someone else's plan for you. It all boils down to this: Either you have a written plan, or you don't.

Create a direction to move in, & a written plan for doing so, or else you'll serve a man or woman who does.

In fact, this is already true in your own life, right now, isn't it?
Either you're serving your own goals, or someone else's.   This applies to every one of us Ouch.

This page is the place to start. Play a mental video game for a good long minute, & answer, IN WRITING:

"If I had time, money, family support, & belief in myself.. if I knew for sure that I could not fail,

I would definitely___________________________."


If I do NOT do this, I will have to accept that ________________________________

WHY do I want it?
How will I specifically benefit from achieving this? ___________________


If I only do ONE thing today towards achieving this, I can at least


Consistently high producers do indeed have certain commonalties. the simple task on this page is one of the most powerful such commonalties you will ever be aware of in this life. I realize that 95% of the people who read this page are truly stupid. the unassailable proof will be found in the next 100 seconds. You see, most of you will read this page and say, "Great stuff!! I'm going to use it myself, just as soon as _______." Those are the stupid people, who know exactly what to do. the smart ones are those who shut up and just do it. How sad that you personally are almost certainly amongst the 95%, who are the stupidest people in the world: those who DO NOT.

Of all who read this, only 5 in every 100 will be smart enough to start filling in the blanks above....

As always, we will have perfect proof of YOUR intelligence, or stupidity... in the next 100 seconds.



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Doing what you did yesterday the same way as you did it yesterday means repeating the results.

The only intelligent way to create a better outcome tomorrow is an increase in effort today.

As a child, you knew much of the Healthier Life Guidebook and Best Shortcuts Roadway.
Once you became psycho-socio-sexually aware of yourself, your concerns did change.
Ceasing to prioritize your own opinion, suddenly, other people's opinions mattered.

The Best Shortcuts Roadway deep within you invites you to take back control.
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