Whos Who Worldwide the victim of Reid Elsevier mobster activities

Most Unbelievable Trials of All Time   - this monstrous perversion of justice,
Examples Of The Death of Justice In America
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20 Court Reporter: HARRY RAPAPORT, CSR
United States District Court
21 Two Uniondale Avenue
Uniondale, New York 11553
22 (516) 485-6558
Proceedings recorded by mechanical stenography, transcript
24 produced by Computer-Assisted Transcription

1 M O R N I N G S E S S I O N

3 THE CLERK: Jury entering.

4 (Whereupon, the jury at this time entered the

5 courtroom.)

6 THE COURT: Good morning, members of the prompt,

7 punctual, patient and perfect jury. Have a seat.

8 I am sorry I had to keep you waiting six minutes,

9 because the previous case that was on at 9:00 o'clock, the
10 lawyers didn't come here on time. They were late. I did
11 bring that to their attention, however. But I was delayed
12 a few minutes.
13 Let's proceed.
14 MS. SCOTT: The government calls Jack Heinbaugh.
15 THE CLERK: Please raise your right hand. Please
16 stand and raise your right hand.
18 J A C K T H O M A S H E I N B A U G H,
19 called as a witness, having been first
20 duly sworn, was examined and testified
21 as follows:
23 THE CLERK: Please state your name and spell your
24 last name slowly for the record.
25 THE WITNESS: Jack Thomas Heinbaugh,

1 H E I N B A U G H.
2 THE COURT: Have a seat.

3 You may proceed.




7 Q Good morning, Mr. Heinbaugh.

8 A Good morning.

9 Q Can you tell us where you live?
10 A Herndon, Virginia, H E R N D O N.
11 Q How are you employed?
12 A I am a TV news producer at the CBS affiliate in
13 Washington, D.C.
14 Q What are your responsibilities as a TV news producer?
15 A Collecting and disseminating the news of the day,
16 deciding whether it is video or copy or how long it runs,
17 where it runs in the news cast.
18 Q And how long have you been doing this job?
19 A I graduated from college in 1978. I have been doing
20 it since then.
21 Q Have you ever been contacted by a company called
22 Who's Who Worldwide Registry?
23 A Yes.
24 Q And did you eventually purchase a membership from
25 them?


1 A Yes.
2 Q Can you tell us when you were first contacted

3 approximately?

4 A I believe it was 1993.

5 Q And how were you first contacted?

6 A By telephone at my work.

7 Q Did you have a conversation with the person who

8 called you?

9 A Yes.
10 Q And can you tell us what happened in the course of
11 this conversation?
12 A Parts of it I can remember as if it was like
13 yesterday. And parts of it I am fuzzy on it. I guess
14 because I was not interested in some parts of it.
15 MR. NELSON: Objection, your Honor. May we have
16 a sidebar for a moment on the issue of conversations?
17 THE COURT: Yes. Come up.
19 (Whereupon, at this time the following took place
20 at the sidebar.)
21 MR. NELSON: The slow thinker I am, yesterday I
22 did not object or ask for a limiting instruction relative
23 to the conversations as related to Ms. Rieger. It is my
24 understanding, and I may be wrong, but the conversations
25 at this point are only admissible against the corporation


1 and not against any of the defendants, because the
2 government has not demonstrated as of yet the existence of

3 a conspiracy, or any of the members were members of the

4 conspiracy, a statement admissible under 801(d)(2)(E).

5 So I will ask that the conversations be

6 admissible at this point only relating to the conversation

7 and not with respect to any of the defendants.

8 MR. WHITE: Your Honor, I don't have a problem

9 with that so long as if there comes a point where your
10 Honor finds that the government has demonstrated by a
11 preponderance that a conspiracy exists, the jury is then
12 instructed that they can consider it against all
13 co-conspirators.
14 THE COURT : Okay.
16 (Whereupon, at this time the following takes
17 place in open court.)
18 THE COURT: Members of the jury, you are going to
19 hear testimony about certain conversations by someone from
20 Who's Who Worldwide. At this point in the case, this
21 testimony is taken against the corporation, Who's Who
22 Worldwide Registry, Inc., and not the individual
23 defendants in the case. I will advise you as we go along
24 whether that changes or not. As you have been told, there
25 is a conspiracy allegation in Count 1.


1 At this point, however, this testimony is only
2 with regard to Who's Who Worldwide Registry, Inc., the

3 corporation, and not the individual defendants.

4 You may proceed.

5 MS. SCOTT: Thank you, your Honor.

6 Q Can you tel l us what happened in your conversation

7 with the person who called from Who's Who Worldwide?

8 A I was told that I had been nominated by Who's Who for

9 a possible selection to be in the Who's Who book. At the
10 time I was told that I was nominated by someone in my
11 profession. I had been told that that the name of the
12 person could be withheld. Sometime the person who
13 nominated didn't want to be known and that was the case
14 with me.
15 I was told that if I would give them the
16 requested information which I did, that my application
17 would be put before a group of professionals who would
18 weed through them and select only the best of the best. I
19 was told that the vast majority of people who were
20 contacted were not selected. I was told if selected the
21 program had several other benefits to it, and this is the
22 part that I don't remember all of it, because I wasn't
23 really interested, but having to do with -- I can recall
24 something about a credit card, I guess you get a group
25 rate on a credit card. There was the magazine and the


1 plaque. I remember the plaque was definitely part of it.
2 A sticker for the back of a vehicle, art you can use on a

3 resume, things of that nature.

4 And then when I was finally called back and told

5 that I had been accepted, I really didn't have any time to

6 think about it. I guess when I got the phone call they

7 had to know right then if I was interested or not. I

8 don't recall why. But I do recall the feeling that I

9 didn't want to give out my credit card number which I had
10 to do.
11 MR. LEE: Objection.
12 THE COURT: The portion of the testimony about my
13 feeling about the credit card, that's stricken, and the
14 jury is instructed to disregard it.

Yeah, right.

To continue persusing this farce of tragicomedy, you can find a full version of Feb 24th transcript here

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This Who's Who Worldwide Registry Scandal website relates this inordinate perversion of justice, wherein it remains more and more difficult to find honest servants in government.

For a federal judge to study a case for many months, finding no crimes were committed, dismissing the indictments, only to have the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals issue a bizarre reversal... and then watch that same federal Distrcit Court judge reverse himself repeatedly, hallmarks a sysstem badly in need of fixing.

Within the federal Circuit Court of Appeals, there is huge commerce being conducted,
and one can only wonder who will be the brave politician who breaks with convention,
and makes the firm commitment to clean up our corrupt judiciary.

For truly strange proceedings, it's hard to beat this case,
Examples Of The Death of Justice In America, and the two-sided scandal of government and judical corruption in one of the Most Unbelievable Trials of All Time and the concomitant news media blackout regarding this incredible story.

Sixteen weeks of oft-explosive testimony, yet not a word in any of 1200 news archives. This alone supports the claim that this was a genuinely dirty trial; in fact, one of the dirtiest federal trials of the 20th century.

Show your support for justice, for exoneration of the innocent, and perhaps most importantly, government accountability, by urgently contacting your Senator, the White House, and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Examples Of The Death of Justice In America
How Thomas FX Dunn proved himself the most questionable attorney in the USA

Most Unbelievable Trials of All Time   - this monstrous perversion of justice,
Examples Of The Death of Justice In America

Worth noting, hundreds of thousands of people visit the websites currently producing
growing thousands of cups of food PER DAY to feed starving people,
websites, created by the same hands that brought you this really offensive trial,
an obscenely imbalanced federal trial,
preside over by a judge once thought thoroughly honest.